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Requirements and Characterization of Electrical and Electronics Assemblies

9. Certified IPC Specialist in IPC7711 & 7721 "Rework of Electronic Assemblies Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies"

Course Contents

The IPC-7711 is designed for soldered assembly rework-restoring PCB assemblies to their original drawings. It is comprised of 6 modules, which include general knowledge content, and specific Wires & Terminals, Through-Hole and Surface Mount rework procedures. IPC-7721 is designed for board repair- restoring a board's functional capability. It contains three modules-each emphasizing a different aspect of board repair.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Outline

IPC 7711&7721 Certified IPC Specialist Program is an advanced hands-on course that requires ample soldering skills. Candidates should have substantial soldering/electronics assembly experience and should possess adequate soldering ability.


  • General knowledge (required)
  • Common procedures
  • Open Book exam
  • Wire splicing Lab
  • Through-Hole Lab
  • Review & Assessment


  • Chip & Melf Procedures Removal/Installation Lab
  • SOIC/SOT Procedures Removal/Installation Lab
  • Review & Assessment


  • J-Lead & QFP Procedures Removal/Installation Lab
  • PWB Circuit Repair
  • Laminate Repair
  • Conformal Coating Repair
  • Review & Assessment

Course Notes

Everyone who successfully completes the Certification examination will receive:
  • A student Handbook with excerpts from IPC-7711 and/or IPC-7721
  • IPC Certificate of Training


350 EUR/participant (the fee includes all original documents from IPC).
Maximum number of participants is 15.

Performance Evaluation

The exam will be performed during the course to evaluate the performance. The exam is divided in two parts, one Open Book Examination and one very practical examination.

Who should attend

Anyone involved in the rework of components and/or repair of printed wiring boards should become certified.

8. Requirements and Characterization of Electrical and Electronics Assemblies - IPC-A-600 Certified IPC Specialist/ "Acceptability of Printed Boards"